Thursday, February 12, 2009


look. i dont know how you even are involved in this whole situation but honestly...if you're soooo mature, then why did you write a blog trashin on people who say things in their blog.

you've been friends with this girl for how long? since what like september?
you know how much about what REALLY happened last year?
you know this well?
ya think about it. i honestly dont even care anymore. but have you ever even wondered why she is not liked very much by her own fellow classmates? because she lies. you tell her one thing, she twists your words and the next thing you know, everyone knows. and just a little fyi to you who think you know everything you really dont...she was over my house and said one thing. i said no i do NOT think so. she went to this person..her BEST FRIEND at the time and told him that i said something i did not. i explain the whole thing to him. they are no longer as even a quarter as close as they were before. wanna know why? because people trust me over her. because im honest. dont lie. and are loyal to my friends. check out what she put your brother thru. ya...real sweet heart right? i dont know how any of this whole situation is ANY of your buisiness whatsoever...o right..its not.
another thing. you dont know anything about me.
dont know who i really am.
what i am really like.
all you know is hear say from a girl, who in her grade is known as a backstabbing liar by most of our class. you trust her because you have just gotten to know her.
so you are calling ME immature when you posted the same basic blog trashing on me when you know absolutly NOTHING but hear say about this whole situation. so next time.
go ahead say waht you want. but u honestly had nothing to do with any of this. and if she has somehting to say, she can say it to me.
you dont know me.
i dont know you.
you really dont know what happened at all.
this whole thing is pathetic. i posted a blog because i was mad. didnt say it to anyone. she obviously knew who i was talking about. she knows what she did.

being mature involves owning up to things you have done.
i know i do that.

so time you talk about someone being immature and hows shes on a better path...lets REALLY get to know these two people you are talking about...then tell me whats really going on.

so done.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

its tuesday.

o my goodness i forgot one of my very close friends LAUREN CLARK who told me that i should try out for american idol! i love you toooooo deathhhhhhhhh. youre always there for me chicka!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


soooooo im kinda wanting to say something. and that is....ME AND EMILY AND CHRISTY HEARD A BOAT FLYING BY IN ALGEBRA!!! lmfao. great times. i love them sooo much. those two are real true friends. i have a couple of those.
(Not in any order guyzzz) :D

anne (crippled....medical disaster). :P
mikeyy. (hahhaha)
christy. (hahahaha jwanton josh)
and if i didnt put you lemmie knowwwww... :D

hahaha but those are true friends. they are always there for me. through thick and thin. knowing everything to say to make me feel better. some new...some old....some have just always been there and i love each and every one of them to death for that :D
so like i was saying earlier....

"I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine, encourage me to grow." see those people in the list above...thats them. they are some of the greatest people in the world. i love having each and every one of them by my side becasue that way if any of us falls along the way, it makes for a softer landing, and easier rise back up. they know all my secrets and i have never known for any of them not to break my trust....yes...some have been heaved over my bed (hahah ily jordan we have had great times) and some have toppled down in result of trying out a pyramid (lol anne and em ily2 sooo much) and then of course, some try to warn me when a buch of 200 pound guys are runnin at me to play red rover on the dock, but once i hear duck, i say where! what can i say amanda, you tried. ahahhahaa. good times. at least i didnt drown right? lol. hahahah. hahahaha i laugh sooo hard with christy at absolutely nothing. i will just sit there and laugh. i do not know why...she must bring out the worst in me. and abby is just always there. the funniest girl in the world. hahah sometimes a taddddd drastic though lol hahahahahahahh. but i love them all to death. those are how real true best friends are suposed to act.
buttt i have no more time to go on about how amazing these people are. i have to go straighten my hair.
later luvsss <3 :D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

anniversery :D

i have nothin to say. little do you know about my friends and what they think. i realize you dont think you did anything wrong. but as you know...when i think something is wrong or messed up...i do sometihng or say something or in this case write something about it. i was just writing an honest post. you decided to reply. ok. fine but as i told MY friends last night, im done with this, im done being bothered with you and him...and im done with the both of you. its not worth my time and it just pisses me off. so its done. good.

so yesterday was really ineresting. i woke up at eleven fifteen. it was kinda nice. but then again i couldnt get to sleep til one last night. i think i might of had too much sleep the night before. but who knows.
anyways....i finally decided what i m gona take next year for electives and i m preety happy about it. i mean...its only going to be sophmore year, its a trial year, take a bunch of things that you like and then decide what you really enjoy doing, and for junior year....focus more on those things.
TODAYS MOMMA AND DdADDYS 17th ANNIVERSERY!!!! yeeeee sooooo today we are going out shopping for like cloths and such. i love that. then i think we are going out todinner later on tonight. not sure where. maybe micheal jordans, the longhouse or somewhere fancy that they like just like that. i dont know. i have homework to do today. i would say i could do some on the bus...but my bus driver has a tendancy of hitting every curb possible.
ooooo i forgot. im sooooo excited. agt auditions are on march 6th and 7th in boston. im thrilled :D. and also on friday mr sherwin asked me to sing this coming friday and at both the girls and boys senior nights! soooo the thirteenth, seventeenth and the twentieth. Yeayyy i was sooo happy when he asked me. :D well we are about to go shopping sooooo hit me up on the cell k?
later luvssss

Saturday, February 7, 2009

check it

and amanda wants u her to check hers out too....
ya. i guess thats it. but honestly i really wana said you saw changes like to know what....

one more thing....

read the blog b4 this one first....then read emily's.
i want you to see something.


1.) someone who sits on the laps of their friend boyfriends when their friend is not around while being in public.
2.) someone who touches guys constantly, leading them on, inviting them over, laying on them and holdin their hands while being interested in somone else yet denying it.

backstabber (noun/verb):
1.) someone who poses as your friend, then turns your words around and gets you in trouble with other people.

look. i know from your point of view you did absolutely nothing wrong. that you dont flirt. but if you ask anyone besides one can trust you. no one wants to talk to you becasue all of a sudden, you try to control things. like i said b4...ur not the shit. deal. your just like everybody else....
i would also like to know what sorts of stuff you have been noticing. whether about me or anything else bc i have bn tryin really hard to keep my cool and as far as im concerend iv been doing pretty good job. but take a look at yourself from someone like emily's perspective. out of no where you and "him" are close. right AFTER they break up. the fact that you dance around in front of him....what do you honestly think she thinks about you right now? she saw you dancing around in the back of the auditiorium with him watching you. i dont know what you are tryin to pull...but if someone did that to you, i think you would not be able to contain yourself. right now, emily is hurt. and i dont blame her. as you know iv been there...and it really hurts. and having someone unconciously rubbing it in your face doesnt help. as far as im concerned, i m so proud of her...bc if it were me...i would be personally talking to you and saying things on how this is goin and what you are doing. either purposly or hurts. if you were in this position...i honestly dont tihnk that you would be as strong as she is right now. putting on a smile...havin "him" in her homeroom and many classes, having to face him everyday.
now you can say all you want that it hurt when you two ended. but guess what...that was your choice. it didnt HAVE to happen. you flirted with him until the very end, were all over him and then went to someone else. you think it was hard on you when you were hurting the people around you.

have you ever heard the saying, "make new friends but keep the old one is silver but the other gold"? f.y.i....old friends are the gold. and just to let you dont have many left.

destiny brings people(friends) together....your actions determine whether they stay or leave....
you wonder why things are happening like they are...but rewind and check out your actions. there are the answers.